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People want to create

People want to create
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Are you passively sitting at home consuming?

I was listening to Joanna Penn’s 10-year anniversary podcast (10 years of her blog, 10 years of her podcast is early next year) while biking home through the woods this morning.

She’s a writer, podcaster, speaker. She’s a maker, a doer. She builds things, creates something from nothing. She’s a creator.

My 14th book is coming out next week and I am really excited about … my 15th book: Create. Maybe it’ll be my 16th book as “Ask” or “Meditation for Creatives” might sneak in the production line first.

But that’s exactly my point: I’m creating.

I love creating. I can’t not create. Without creating, I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Sure, I love to sit in a movie theater as much as the next person. I treasure being taken away in a story between the pages of my favorite novels. But the gauge I use to test what you truly love is when, for example, you (accidentally?) get up early on a Sunday morning, no one else is awake, you have an hour or two of completely free, unexpected time to yourself and … what do you choose to do?

I’ll usually write.

If I’m feeling particularly whimsical, I’ll write fiction.

Below are some quotes from Joanna from her podcase episode last week. I listened to them, backed up, and typed them out because they’re just that important to me. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, you can find your favorite podcast link here: From First Book To A Multi-Six-Figure Writing Business: 10 Years Of The Creative Penn.

“I’ve always felt that being an indie author as a movement but I think it’s part of this bigger maker movement. People never believed that humans would want to do this. The big publishers probably thought that the most of us are just passively sitting at home consuming whereas actually people want to create.”

Create: What you do when you're ready to start living

Create: What you do when you’re ready to start living

“You can see this shift in big brands to artisan products … independent creators.”

“We are a self-sustaining ecosystem of authors. Everyone who writes a book buys more books than they will ever write.”

“If you’re someone who believes that every author is your competitor, you’re going to be unhappy.”

I should add that I feel particularly connected to Joanna as a fellow creator as we’ve shared a similar fateful past of being an … SAP consultant! The horror!

Then we both came to our senses, turned a corner, and chose to lead the lives we were meant to live.

As creators.

Thank you, Joanna, for leading the way. I look forward to following in your footsteps as you thrive forward.

We’re rooting for you.

People want to create

People want to create. Biking home listening to The Creative Penn podcast.

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