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Here to Create

Here to Create
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We’re not put on this Earth to watch Netflix.

Although it’s sure fun.

My friend Tony was still creating as he passed away at 105-years old.

Still Creating

I believe he made it that long in part because he was creating. He was making. Painting, drawing, sculpting, using his imagination to make something out of nothing.

We’re here to make stuff. We’re here to get what is inside of us out into the world.

I don’t mean we all need to be full-time painters and live in an atelier in Paris and drink Four Roses Bourbon (although that was fun…).

But we need to create.

We need to.

Well, that is, if you want to thrive, to rise up, to get off of the plateau we’re often stuck on.

It doesn’t have to be fireworks and mayhem. No marching bands and orchestras lifting our spirits.

It might be a short story. It might be a drawing. It might be, in the secrecy of your car after work on the side of the road, a minute of a dialog of a character you have in your head–that one who wants to be set free.

We all have them. We can suppress them or we can set them free.

We we set them free, we set ourselves free.

We’re here to create.

P.S. I’m not filing this under Delegating. This is you.

Here to Create
Here to Create
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