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“Why me?” versus “Why not me?”

“Why me?” versus “Why not me?”

How much of a role can a mentor play in your success?

Bradley Charbonneau makes his sixth Toastmasters speech tonight answering that question.

For a little (too much) behind the scenes, but also as a reminder of what the path to success looks like, here are my outtakes and draft runs working towards the speech tonight–which I’ll post once the video is live.

Until then, remember, It’s All About MEE.

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Take Four

Take Five

Toastmasters Speech

This is what I think is “A Good Time” on a Friday evening.

Speech Evaluation

"Why me?" versus "Why not me?"
“Why me?” versus “Why not me?” [Photo by Yiqun Tang on Unsplash]
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