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How to go from Nothing to Everything

How to go from Nothing to Everything
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It’s both simple and easy.

I’m jet-lagged. Out of my rhythm. I’m tired, a zombie, my eyes are heavy. I’m not myself.

I’m in a place where Nothing is Magical. This may not seem like such a strange thing unless you’re used to a state where Everything is Magical.

Now, I don’t mean that I go around and see glitter in the leaves of the trees or a shimmer in the eyes of a person I pass by or that crystal-clear ideas come to me like snowflakes on a late-winter evening.

I couldn’t possibly mean that I feel that my feet don’t always touch the ground or I tend towards bringing out mostly only the good in people or my life seems like a circus event where tigers jump through the hoops of my memory and ignite the fiery flames of passion in the everyday.

And of course, I certainly wouldn’t imply that I lead a charmed life where relationships with people are things I can see just like I can see someone’s breath on a fresh fall morning.

Never would I suggest that I reside at a higher level, vibrate on a higher frequency, and somehow, manage to transform what might be seen as a regular human existence into a fairytale poem of fantasy.

I couldn’t possibly mean all of that.

Except that this is exactly what I mean. Precisely what I imply. Absolutely, completely, and precisely what I’m getting at.

Do you have to descend to rise up?


Do you need to know where you came from to realize where you are?


Do you need to live a life of suffering, pretending, and striving to reach a level of peace, joy, and thriving?


How do we go from Nothing is Magical to Everything is Magical?

Is there a passport? Do you need to share your blood type? Is it bus number 17?

Let’s pull into the station.

  1. I meditate.
  2. I create.

If I do one without the other, I’m either floating too much or too grounded. I need both to rocket forward, to live on my just-above-the-ground plane of a frequency where I’m pulled and not pushing, I’m thriving and not surviving, I’m me of today and not me of the past.

In my books, I talk about the cat. The one with 9 lives. Then I mention that I’m not a cat. I have this one life.

I don’t want to apologize for living above ground. I want to rise up even further and reach and rise and relish.

Ooh, that just came out of me–and I love alliteration.

Reach, rise, relish.

Plus, relish is nice on a burger.

How can I go from floating in the heavens to a burger?

Because this is all light, easy, and simple.

It’s fun and funny.

Because I’m both deliciously satisfied and I’m kinda hungry.

Because while there are days when I feel that Nothing is Magical, I can return to my default state where Everything is Magical.

  1. Meditate (let it in).
  2. Create (let it out).

I can add more steps and make it harder if you like. I can create a course and write books (oh wait, I did). I can charge you $497. You can fill out forms. 

You can dream and hope. You can procrastinate and weigh the options. Wait until a future life — especially if you’re a cat.

Or you can read into those two steps and live by them. It’s all you need. 

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