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Lacking creativity? Tune into your radio frequency.

Lacking creativity? Tune into your radio frequency.
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What if our brains could tune into the right frequency?

Like a radio dial?

For those of you who don’t remember what a “radio dial” is, I’ll explain. Before digital numbers on the radio, you used to have a round dial. You couldn’t see any numbers for the stations (e.g. 98.3) so you had to fiddle with it, turn it back and forth, listen a little, and finally, maybe, you got a clear signal.

This is an excerpt from the book “Create” and the series of posts here on The Cream until launch day.

Maybe after a few seconds, you might adjust it again.

But usually, you could find a strong signal and you’d get a clear connection.

This is how I see creativity.

Without going too much off the deep end (well, at least not yet, but I will for sure), I see us as radios that “tune in” to frequencies. Once we can connect, we’re clear and we can leave the dial intact and we’re good to go.

Create: What you do when you're ready to start living

Create: What you do when you’re ready to start living

This is part of the set of tools on offer in my upcoming book “Create.”

I don’t quite know how to put this in a way that I would have understood–or believed–it just a few short years ago.

A few years ago, I was pretty sure to create anything, to make something, to succeed, you had to:

  1. Struggle,
  2. Wait,
  3. Fail,
  4. Try some more,
  5. Give up,
  6. Get back on the horse,
  7. Pout,
  8. Stick with it,
  9. Forget it,
  10. Ugh.

That’s how it used to go. That was before I knew why I was supposed to create. I thought it was for:

  1. Me,
  2. Success,
  3. Money,
  4. Pride,
  5. Lamborghinis.

OK, I didn’t really think it was for #5.

Now I know why to create. I create because:

  1. I can’t not do it,
  2. It’s like oxygen (it’s hard to survive, much less thrive, without it),
  3. It’s how I surpass wherever I was,
  4. It’s how to get ahead of where I am,
  5. It’s the only way to see beyond where I think I might be.

Whew. Heavy stuff, right? Serious. Big time. Whoa. Scary.

Not at all.

Remember the radio dial? It’s as simple as that. We need to connect, to find our frequency. Once we’re there, remove hand from dial and let it flow.

Sound easy? It is.

Here comes Create.

Lacking creativity? Tune into your radio frequency.

Lacking creativity? Tune into your radio frequency.

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