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Repossible | Meditations | The Attic | and Two Methods to Monetize Audio

Repossible | Meditations | The Attic | and Two Methods to Monetize Audio
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PRO TIP: When an idea comes to you again (and again) and yet it feels new and fresh, it’s a sure sign it’s a good one.

I had a delightfully fun (and yet powerful) meditation this morning (see below for which one I did) and it came through again: I should record (17-minute) meditations myself.

As I was listening to the meditation below, I altered it to my own liking. For example, he brings you down 5 steps into the basement. Yes, we’re going “deeper” but I actually want to go “higher” and even “lighter.” He brings you to the basement (where, apparently I’ve seen too many horror movies because I think of dark and damp and musty and … murder) whereas I’d like to take you up to the attic.

In the attic, at least the attic of my meditation, it’s warm and cozy, friendly, inviting, yet full of history, power, magic, and the unknown future–and past.

It’s a place to take off (up through the roof) and and explore. It’s more a Disney attic than a slasher/horror attic. There’s light coming through in rays from the small windows and there’s a big, inviting chair to sit in where you can let yourself go.

No one will disturb you up here so you’re safe. It’s quiet save maybe the birds outside and the occasional whisper of the breeze.

Instead of 5 steps down, I’d take you 7 or 10 steps ups.

We’d warm up with some friendly PSAs about letting go of the daily junk, messages, reminders, to-do lists, shopping that needs to be done, etc. We’d let that all go. In fact, we could let it tumble down the ladder back into the house where you can pick it up when you get back there.

I can see

In my meditation this morning, combined with something a friend told me yesterday, “Be proud of what you do. Make your decisions and don’t make excuses and by all means don’t feel guilty about them.” Do it, live with it, fix it, improve it or don’t do it again (or do) but don’t dwell on it. Show this is what you’re made of and there are no excuses. You’re the one to dare do it, release it (to the public but also out of your self) and unleash that wild beast into the world.

Then stand by it, be proud of it, do it more, and let people know they can do it, too. You’ll happily guide them there or through it. You’ve already done it, after all. In their eyes, you’re experienced, you’re a pro, you deserve the respect they offer you.

Take it then create more.

Re-do it, re-make it, re-possible it.

I’ve thought this through before and I’ll think it through again.

Monetizing Audio

How do you play audio on your phone (or elsewhere)? For me, the easiest is through iTunes or a podcast or an audiobook app. Two quick methods recently available to us to monetize audio:

This was my meditation this morning. I like a variety of inputs and this morning was this one:

Apparently, I landed in an Indian boy named Jim from the Washoe Tribe.

Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

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