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One Idea Per Day

One Idea Per Day
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That’s all we really need to thrive.

It’s no-longer-quite-so early on a Sunday morning. My son will be downstairs very soon. I don’t have long. It’s OK, I don’t need a lot of time.

This is an excerpt from the book “Meditate.”

This is one of those simple but not easy things. Let me put it in bullet points to show just how simple it is.

  1. I meditate every single morning.
  2. I get a new idea almost every time.
  3. That idea can usually carry me throughout the day–if not the week, the month, sometimes the entire year.

That’s it.

To recap, I get usually at least one new “big” idea per morning. It might be as simple as a new idea towards parenting or maybe a chapter title. It could be as big as an entirely new book idea or even a series.

Maybe even an entirely new service line.

Or my son reaches out for me and says that, yes, he does want my love he just doesn’t know how to receive it.

Can you feel me?

Can you sense how one idea is enough? Often, I get more, but one is usually plenty to keep me going, to fill my tank, to generate enough energy, power, motivation, inspiration, and drive to make it happen, get it done, and implement that one thing.

It’s that simple.

So I’ll stop here and let it sink in.

One Idea Per Day
One Idea Per Day. Biking home through the woods after our Toastmasters’ Christmas party in Utrecht.
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