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That Delicious “SPARK” of Clarity of a Sunday Morning Meditation

That Delicious “SPARK” of Clarity of a Sunday Morning Meditation
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It’s Sunday morning. I know what to do.

It’s probably a good sign when you’re writing a book that you yourself can’t wait to read.

Yep, I have one called Spark (which is what I’m talking about in this post) and I certainly have one called Create (which is really how this all happened) but the one that takes the cake of the book called Meditate.

Let me map it out for you–and myself:

  1. Create: is the step, the first step and the steps that follow. It’s action, it’s bold movement forward. It’s so simple–and can be so difficult.
  2. Meditate: it’s the higher self, the greater _________ (pick your favorite higher/greater whatever), and the one that gives you direction. However, I think it’s not as powerful and/or useful without #1 Create.
  3. Spark: this could have been called “co-create” or creating together or sharing the creation or inspiring someone else, some other person, to create. For me, it’s about working with kids and setting their creativity and message free and allowing them to feel safe and bold to do so.

It’s Sunday, March 15, 2020, and we’re in the middle (maybe the beginning…) of the coronavirus. If we’re not already quarantined, we’re at the very least not doing a whole lot outside of the house.

Several people have asked me when I’m going to lead another SPARK group. Considering that the #1 reason most people say they can’t do it–because most of them do want to–is because of time and scheduling and kids at school and … you know the drill.

Sounds like a good time to get Spark rolling in April.

There you have it. My meditation this morning gave me the clarity of purpose, offered this direction, this pathway to take and I’m already on step one and I’m “creating” this post to solidify the idea in my mind and then to take action.

Here we go. Spark Campfire in April 2020.

I’ll get the kindling to get the campfire going.

Want to join us? Spark Campfire.

Co-write a book in a month.
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