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You know when clarity strikes. (No, really, you do.) Work it, milk it, use it.

You know when clarity strikes. (No, really, you do.) Work it, milk it, use it.

For me, it’s early morning. When is it for you?

Did you notice I didn’t ask if it happens, but when it happens for you?

Because it happens. It happens for all of us. We have moments of clarity. While your mind is being blown, wrap your incredulous self around this one:

We can find, grow, and cultivate our moments of clarity.

Crazy, I know.

Here’s how to do it, step by step.

  1. Notice. Pay attention to when it “happens.” This could be that you have a Eureka moment, or just see things more clearly, or a decision that you’ve been grappling with suddenly becomes obvious.
  2. Allow. Let it happen. Don’t fight it. For me, it’s often like a message is coming to me (or into me). Let it happen.
  3. Note. Take notes. Don’t only let it happen, but let it happen and remember what you learned or what you were told. Write it down. No, really, write down whatever: notes, tidbits, pieces.
  4. Repeat. When did it happen? What were you doing? Keep it in mind. Again, this is the fine line of trying without trying too hard.
  5. Push. Again with the fine lines. You want it to happen again. You can do that. But you also want it to grow, you want to use it, get better at it, make the time more efficient and effective. Push your limits, play with the boundaries. You’ll see how it goes and know when you push too far. It’s OK, next time tone it down a little. Then next time push a little more on a different boundary.

For me, this morning, it was that my next nonfiction book should be, “Pride: How to write a book together with your kids and why you should.” I pushed the topic (during my clarity) and thought that the title should be broader: not just about writing and books, but about being creative, opening up creativity if your kids (and yourself), and then the big whopper: building a bond with your kids. Yeah, that works.

It was also that I want to pursue the co-writing project together with my not-so-secret writing partner.

Work your clarity, make it better, stronger. Practice it, keep at it. If it’s dormant, wake it up. We all have it in us, it’s just a question of kicking it out of bed and setting coffee and waking it up.


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