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Remember, the sun is shining behind the clouds.

Remember, the sun is shining behind the clouds.

High energy is awesome but focused high energy is even better.

I’m firing on almost all cylinders over the past few years, but I’m going in too many directions. There are clouds in my sky and they’re diffracting* the energy I’m creating.

Listening to the audiobook of “I Can See Clearly Now” this morning while jogging with Pepper, I heard this line:

” … Shri Guruji. The man who was responsible for teaching me the Japa meditation a decade earlier heard about my separation and subsequent despondency, and he sent me a letter with one sentence, which is taped to the wall of my sacred writing space to this day. It says, “Dear Wayne: The sun is shining behind the clouds.”
― from “I Can See Clearly Now”

In other words, as I understand it, there is always the power, the energy, the light, the higher power, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it. It’s always there, but there are sometimes clouds in the way. Sometimes lots, sometimes none, sometimes just a scattering. But the sun we can’t terribly do much about. However, the clouds. That’s another story.

What clouds are in your way? What can you do about them?

For me, it’s getting my next book out–and getting it out soon.

There. I said it.

Now I can get on with my day.

* I really just wanted to use the word diffracting:

noun, Physics.
1. the phenomenon exhibited by wavefronts that, passing the edge of an opaque body, are modulated, thereby causing a redistribution of energy within the front: it is detectable in light waves by the presence of a pattern of closely spaced dark and light bands (diffraction pattern) at the edge of a shadow.
2. the bending of waves, especially sound and light waves, around obstacles in their path.


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