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Looking for Audiobook Reviews? Audiobook Boom

Looking for Audiobook Reviews? Audiobook Boom
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Looking for audiobook reviews?

Audiobook Boom specializes in connecting authors with hungry audiobook fans who are ready to leave reviews for your books. 

Audiobook Boom has a database of listeners who are looking for free books to listen to—and review. Authors are put directly in touch with the readers and can offer a code in exchange for an optional review. Of course, in order to not break Amazon’s rules of no pay to play reviews, authors cannot require a review from a listener, but can, well, ask nicely. 

Audiobook Boom recommends that authors don’t just hand over codes to just any request but rather to see how many reviews they have left and also, and even more important, if they read in the genre of the author’s book on offer. 

They say that you can ask them nicely to please leave a review if they haven’t already.

What I like about this service is: 

  • The listeners are used to getting audiobooks.
  • They’re ready to leave reviews.
  • They’ll do it within a reasonable amount of time. 

Give them a try, it’s only $10.

Audiobook Boom

Audiobook Boom


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