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One of my goals for my “Audio for Authors” book and course: Short, Sweet, and Done

One of my goals for my “Audio for Authors” book and course: Short, Sweet, and Done
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I mostly want you to succeed and I want you to do it often.

Here’s an excerpt from a chapter from Audio for Authors. By the way, I dictated this whole chapter.

If I had to give only one piece of advice in the final chapter of this first section of the book on audio for authors, it would be this.

Keep it short, make it sweet, and get it done.

I am a very “get it done” kind of guy. Although I have no hard statistics on the number of projects I have completed as a ratio to the number of projects I have started, I like to think that I finish what I begin.

Audio for Authors

Audio for Authors

Which is why I want us to keep it short and make it sweet so that we can get it done.

There’s something viscerally pleasing about completing a project. And along the same lines, there is something sickening to the stomach about leaving projects unfinished. Those unfinished projects tend to hunt you much longer than the time you spent working on them and still longer than the time you spend agonizing about not finishing them.

In fact, and I’m trying to make this not sound like a threat, but the agony and despair of an unfinished project can outweigh the joys of a finished project. Which is yet another reason to get more, smaller, shorter, finished projects under your belt before you move on.

I am a huge fan of all things audio. That doesn’t mean that you share my passion for audiobooks, podcasts, and dictation. What I would like to spread to you is my passion for completion of projects.

What I would like to accomplish with this book is for you to start and complete the tiniest of projects, whether it be a short audiobook, an episode of a podcast, or recording a single chapter with dictation.

If we can enjoy, appreciate, and celebrate the small wins, it will build our confidence towards going after larger projects and form a foundation from which we can further grow and, dare I say this, truly enjoy the audio aspect of being an author.

Hopefully, I will have some link elsewhere in this book where you can share even the tiniest of successes with me and other authors, but in case I forget, please know that I truly want to hear about your stories of success.

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