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Because I’m not going to read your book like this–but I’ll listen to it.

Because I’m not going to read your book like this–but I’ll listen to it.
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Snowstorm, thundershowers, even eyes closed on the beach. Plug me in to my audiobook and let me escape.

The accompanying photo is not that far of a stretch from how some readers, uh, listeners have listened to audiobooks (and podcasts). Wrapped up against the weather, but still happy to be out and about, probably walking a dog through forests.

“I’m sorry, dear author, but I actually don’t want even your ebook. I really really don’t want your paperback. If you have a hard cover, I’m impressed, but I can’t even hold those in my hands. No, I pretty much just want your audiobook. Well, that is, if you actually want me to read it.”

For me personally, as as reader, this is unfortunately the honest scenario of how I all too often read books:

  1. The day and evening sneak by and it’s late. But I want to read to unwind, to get lost in a story.
  2. Tired, in bed, I sit up, propped up with pillows so I don’t fall asleep. This gets me through at least a chapter.
  3. I turn over, rest on my side and this marks the beginning of the end.
  4. I last a few pages more and I fall asleep next to my Kindle.

Audiobooks, on the other hand, I can sneak in during all kinds of otherwise lost time during the day:

  1. Driving to the train station,
  2. Walking to the store,
  3. Hiking with the dog,
  4. Washing the dishes,
  5. Making dinner,
  6. Countless more.

See the differernce? Reading a book, my eyes looking at words on a page, requires a certain setup, a scenario, and several factors to align so that it can happen.

Audiobooks can be squeezed into just about any time and place.

Try it yourself.

Take a week and, if you’re a fan of Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice, this is even easier as you can switch back and forth between your ebook and audiobook, see how and when you read and when you listen.

After the week, ask yourself:

  1. Did you experience the book in a different way?
  2. Did one way “connect” more with you than the other?
  3. Which did you do more of?
  4. Which did you prefer?
  5. How might this change your future reading and listening preferences?

Get back to me and maybe you’ll help me get back into reading more. But for now, I gotta run to an appointment. Earbuds in, chapter 27 …

Because I'm not going to read your book like this.

Because I’m not going to read your book like this–but I’ll listen to it. Victor Xok

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