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The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon (Review)

The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon (Review)
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Using Speech Recognition Software to Dictate Your Book and Supercharge Your Writing Workflow

This is dicatated and unedited … let’s see how well Dragon does!

“Read the manual. “Deep down, you know you should always read the manual. It will make whatever you’re doing easier, more efficient, and more effective.

This is the manual if you want a better experience with Dragon dictation.

If you want to see writing efficiency rates you currently own only dream about or you’d like to give your fingers, wrists and arms a break from typing. Maybe your back is killing you. Maybe you’d like to turn that park near your house into your office. Or maybe you’d like to access a different part of your creative brain to see what’s there.

if any or all of those sound like even a remotely interesting idea, then you should read this book.

Again, I would like to emphasize that this book is for authors who take their careers seriously, want to write more, want to improve the bottom line, and, here’s a bonus, turn creating into an outdoor activity that opens up your mind and releases your imagination from the chains of your fingers to the keyboard.

For the record, I dictated this review with a smile on my face in the forest while my dog chases the stick into the pond and my creative Arthur career feels like it got a rocket boost of energy.

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