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Could audiobooks be the secret media to reach your kids’ minds?

Could audiobooks be the secret media to reach your kids’ minds?
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If this hadn’t been in audio format, my kids never would have heard it … or learned anything from it.

Yes, I’m an admitted educator. I love learning.

My kids on the other hand?

Yeah, not so much.

So how can I fuse the two? Car trips! I’m not talking about 5 hours to Paris. I’m talking 25 minutes to Oma’s (Grandma’s) house. 25 minutes is about the maximum amount of time I can get away with my choice of what’s playing on the car speakers anyway. So instead of music, I’ll put on an audiobook.

Sometimes it’s a short story. Maybe even a bit of a scary thriller. But other times I’ll try to sneak in a little education.

Crazy, I know.

In fact, I can say with varying level of certainty that although …

My kids might not be “listening” they are “hearing” what’s coming through the speakers.

In other words, it’s seeping in there.

This Wouldn’t Happen with a Regular Book–Ebook or Print

My kids are too old to sit on my lap and have dad read a story–as cute as I think that might be. But I can force them to listen to something in the car for a short trip.

They’ll complain for a few minutes and play on their phones, but then a question will pop up now and again and I’ll know they’re hearing, that it’s getting through to them, that maybe some sort of learning is trickling into their brains and, the shock, the horror, they might even like it.

“What’s the difference between an asset and a liability?”

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money - That You Don't Learn in School!

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens:

When my 12-year-old son asked me that, I knew I was on the right track.

See, he was listening. Or at the very least: he was hearing.

Haven’t tried audiobooks? Oh wait, I have on offer.

Are you an author? Do you have your books available on audio? Could it be that there are non-readers out there who might be listeners of your work? Or at least, hearers of your work?

Here’s some math for you: if you don’t have any audiobook, what’s the probability of that potential audience listening to your book? Unless someone reads your book aloud: zero.

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