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My Studio in the Woods

My Studio in the Woods
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I think more clearly outdoors, in the open air of the nature. Rather than get a house plant, I’m moving outside.

Let’s see, without a computer or keyboard or mouse, I’m able to:

  1. Dictate book chapters (actual transcription done later, automatically, in the home office with a few clicks and a Dragon),
  2. Get exercise,
  3. Record podcast episodes,
  4. Clear my mind of needless junk that happens on that Internet thing,
  5. Record interviews for podcast episodes (using the fantasmical recording possibilities of Free Conference Call),
  6. Fill my lungs with air, scorch my eyeballs with the ray of sun, and tickle my nose with pine needle scent that doesn’t come from a hanging cardboard thing in the car,
  7. Record videos for my courses (LOVING Filmic Pro for video editing–while still in the forest),
  8. Walk Pepper.

Granted, #8 is the most important, but I’m Getting Stuff Done.

Oh, it’s also more fun, more effecient, no sitting, no humming electrical appliances, and plenty of birds so I can even save money on fake woodsy background music!

Here are just a few things that I did this morning.

Welcome to Spark Campfire

I’m working on a course to guide a co-writing team of parent and child (or aunt and nephew or grandpa and foster child, etc.) to write a book together in a month. Yep, seriously.

What are you doing next month?


My “umbrella” plan for writing books, recording podcast episodes, and building out courses through working Better Together. That is, with you. Yes, you, the one reading this.

The Power of Asking–and How to Get Around the Fear of It

I have a talk at my Toastmasters workshop tonight. It’s actually a competition. Here’s Take #18 of what I’ve been practicing this week.

What have you been doing outdoors? Any audio? Video? Share it with me.

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