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Want to really become an expert at something? Write a book about it.

Want to really become an expert at something? Write a book about it.
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“Wait, do you mean to write the book before you’re an expert?”

Audio for Authors

Audio for Authors

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Tomorrow, I have a new book coming out. Let’s add up all of the reasons I might not want to publish it quite yet:

  1. I’m not (yet) an expert.
  2. It’s probably not really done.
  3. It could be better.
  4. I want to add more “experts” in their fields.
  5. There’s probably lots of other stuff I could do to make it better.

But it’s started. That’s more than nothing. It’s less than perfect, but I can’t build on nothing. I can build on something.

Double Bonus Section: Create an Online Course

I know, I know, we’re already pushing our luck by writing a book about the topic, but seriously, a course?

Yes, a course.


Because then you not only have to tell them about your expertise, you have to show them.

Crazy, I know.

Here’s a thought: try it. Just outline something. Create a sample lesson, maybe an overview.

Think I know about Audio for Authors? Here’s how much I know: I know more than when I started. Now I have a course where I am–and you are–going to learn even more about it.

Experts are overrated. I just want to know how to do it, how to get better and get the job done.

Boom. We just learned something and we didn’t have to become an expert to get there.

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