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How $14.38 confirmed my future audiobook publishing strategy.

How $14.38 confirmed my future audiobook publishing strategy.
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Sure, I was going to produce my audiobooks anyway. But now I have financial numbers to prove it.

Remember, I’m just getting started.

Here’s what’s exciting about the screenshot from one of my first invoices from Findaway Voices: I don’t really even know what Playster is.

Why $14.38 confirms my audiobook publishing strategy.

Why $14.38 confirms my audiobook publishing strategy.

Sure, I know Audible. I know Google as the Play store. Audiobooks exist in the Apple world, but I don’t really use them. My favorite audiobook source is actually Whispersync for Voice for my Kindle books–but that’s another discussion entirely.

Or is it?

My point with Playster (here, I’ll give you a link) is that I had never heard of them and yet, I earned $14.30 from their existence. I know, these aren’t big numbers, but let’s add some zeroes to make them seem more attractive. Just for kicks and partly because most people don’t get as excited as I do about the “beginning of a journey,” let’s multiply the numbers by just 10.

  1. Google Play: $40.50
  2. Playster: $143.80
  3. ACX: $37.50

If percentages are more your thing, the total is: $4.05 + $14.30 + $1.03 + $2.72 which looks like this in a pie chart:

Wait. Who is Playster again?

Wait. Who is Playster again?

Things getting clear yet?

Let’s recap.

  1. Write book.
  2. Record book.
  3. Distribute with Findaway Voices.
  4. Get money from previously unheard-of audiobook services.

How are we doing so far? If you ask me, my only question is … when is my next audiobook available on Playster?

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