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Possibly the easiest $50 you might never get. Introducing the Audible Bounty.

Possibly the easiest $50 you might never get. Introducing the Audible Bounty.
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If you love audiobooks, chances are you’re going to hook others into getting into audiobooks as well.

You might as well make a little commission on the way. Here’s the deal straight from

“ACX offers a $50 Bounty payment each time an audiobook produced through ACX is the first purchase on Audible by an AudibleListener member while this offer is available on ACX. Rights Holders may earn the full $50 bounty each time their audiobook is the first purchase on Audible by an AudibleListener member while this offer is available on ACX. The AudibleListener member must remain a member in good standing for at least 61 consecutive days before the $50 bounty is paid on the qualifying audiobook purchase.”

Here’s how it works in real life.

  1. You create your audiobook.
  2. You publish it through ACX.
  3. A non-Audible subscriber listener buys your book and subscribes to Audible.
  4. That new subscriber stays in the Audible program for 61 days.
  5. You earn $50.

If you’re doing a royalty share, then you’ll share that $50. If you’re not sharing, then that $50 is yours.

While this sounds wonderful, winning the lottery sounds wonderful too. The stars in the universe have to be lined up rather well to get you your $50:

  1. The new audiobook fan wants your book.
  2. But she’s not yet an audiobook fan enough to be an Audible paying subscriber.
  3. But she really wants to listen to your book.
  4. She also has to either listen to books really slowly so your book takes her 61 days or …
  5. She’s hooked on enough audiobooks through Audible to want to keep paying $14.95 per month for more books.

But hey, why not? It doesn’t “cost” anything to try, right?

Here’s my usually-more-optimistic self talking:

“Wow, I really want to listen to Bradley’s new book “How a flour tortilla saved me $13,297 in insurance fees” and I bet this will open up a whole new world for me of audiobooks that I can listen on the way to work in the morning. My life just got so much better. Thank you and I love you, Bradley!”

I’m pretty sure this second scenario is much more likely.

So get to it! Get your audiobook done, get it rolling through ACX and watch those $50 checks rain down on you like snowflakes!


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  1. Therese Hicks

    I put Audio Bounty into my search engine, as I have received the $50 on my audio book statement and didn’t know where it had come from. So I’m very pleased with my luck. It is possible. My book is Spirituality: A User’s Guide. It looks at what is involved in a psychologically healthy belief system. In other words, does your belief/belief system take you towards health or away from it.

    • Bradley

      Glad to hear it, Therese! Love the title of your book! I’m going to check it out right now.

      • Therese Hicks

        Hope you were able to carry through on your intention to check out my book. Would love your comments on how it resonates (or not) with you. It’s aimed primarily at people looking for guidance in this area, though it doesn’t recommend any particular spirituality. I offer guidelines that promote psychological health, and consider various options through that lens.


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