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Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn in School!

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn in School!

The “That You Don’t Learn in School!” subtitle helped my kids at least pretend to listen.

I’ve always been a self-educator (sounds a bit like “self-medicator” but … different–or is it?) and I’m usually pushing anything onto my kids that I can.

I believe that “regular education” doesn’t necessarily prepare most of us for “real life.” Stuff like marriage, parenting, and finance. Maybe it’s not supposed to. Maybe it’s supposed to be for rote learning, art history, and advanced calculus. I don’t know. No, really, I don’t know.

I’m pretty much a fan of anything that wants to teach me something as I think that I’ll at least learn something. If there are 10 things and I learn 1, it’s more than 0. See? A bit of math I just snuck in there.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is a legend when it comes to finance and ” … has held a top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years – is an investor, entrepreneur, and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of conventional wisdom.” (from his Amazon author page)

In this book for teens, he does just that and especially covers those three topics: investing, entrepreneurship, and education.

My kids didn’t listen but they heard.

Although I don’t think my kids took notes (OK, no, they didn’t) or will actually knowingly, consciously implement any of Kiyasaki’s very well-thought-through ideas and strategies, just hearing it is a big help.

After listening one day in the car (where I have a captive audience, hint hint), there was mention of a rental property one day and my youngest boy (12) kind of understood what the topic was. Thanks to Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Teens.

So, we have that going for us. Which is nice.

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