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Perennial Seller

Perennial Seller

If you’re a creator (author, artist, musician, etc.) because you CAN’T NOT create, this book is for you.

If writing (or creating) is just a hobby and you’re looking to make a quick buck or it’s a phase in your life or you can choose to not create, this book will seem like it’s all hard work.

So if you’re going to be creating anyway, day in, day out, whether anyone else cares or not, you should really read this book.

It’s about the long game, the big picture, the helicopter view. It’s about heart and drive and, yes, luck. Oh, there’s hard work involved, too, lots of that, but we already knew that.

What we want to know is that for those of us who are going to continue to create NO MATTER WHAT, there is a future, a place for us in the limelight of our own dreams, and this is the guidebook to get there.

Listen to the audiobook over time. There’s good stuff along the way.

You have time.

You’re a perennial seller.

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