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From A to B to See

From A to B to See

You’re at point A, you think you want to get to point B, but what you secretly dream of is point C where you can See.

You can see what to do, answer the question, know where to go. You know, useful stuff.

All I really want is to go from A to B to See.

  1. Where you are,
  2. where you’re going, and then
  3. the unknown.

A to B to See.

These are the steps before from See to Feel to Know.

I see it as a simpler, “lower” level, more like a roadmap where A and B are the (simple) coordinates just like when you’re traveling. Then C (or See) is the unexpected destination or where you end up when you think you’re at B or you’re good with B but then C sneaks in and surprises you and you surrender to it, allow it to arrive, allow yourself to get there, and welcome the unknown.

I see this somewhere outside of the See, Feel, Know.

A –> B –> See –> Feel –> Know

See the equation?

In Repossible terms, it might be:

Ask –> Create –> Meditate –> Play (?) –> Elevate

I don’t know, maybe I’m trying to fit those where they’re not yet ready to go.

If by some oddball chance, you’re still reading this, here is an example of the “clarity” and “higher-level” thinking (yes, it’s both of those believe it or not) I get from my early-morning meditations.

This morning, I chose the last 40 minutes of what is normally a 75-minute meditation but I had to finish to make sure my wife was up (and to vacate our bathroom, i.e. my Meditation Chamber … ;-)).

This particular meditation has you focus on three areas of your choice but because I started midway in, I happened to be on the third one.

Whenever I’m offered a “wish” or a dream, I usually go for the option that will offer more wishes and dreams.

In this case, I chose to See.

With “See,” I can then “solve” or “work on” or “get clarity on” other challenges or goals or whatever it is I’m working on.

If I can See, then I can:

  • See what others need and help heal them,
  • See what my own body (and spirit) needs and help me, too,
  • See answers to questions,
  • See downloads of information and have a better idea of what to do with them,
  • See time slowed down when, for example, I get a question, and I need a quick answer (e.g. in improv speaking),
  • See what to send to the heart (Feel),
  • See what to send to the gut (Know),
  • See what to do next,
  • See the “unknown” ahead and relish the blackness of it,
  • Und zo weiter.

It’s good to mix things up, do a different meditation or jump in halfway and See What Happens.

It worked this morning and now I’m going to go play with the other download I had: From See to Feel to Know.

From A to B to See
From A to B to See. See what’s below (what you see)? [ Photo by Drew Brown on Unsplash ]

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