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Brand New U.

Brand New U.

Toying with taglines.

I tend to use this site as my sandbox, a playground, my sketchbook for new ideas.

As Repossible is (finally) coming to life and I’m going to boost it with a shot of adrenaline in 2020, what it means is coming to light.

I just returned from 20Books® Vegas where I saw a need for some nonfiction-specific marketing and branding help.

Upon my return home and (1) away from “writers” and (2) back to “creators” and (3) entrepreneurs but then also (4) transformers, I see it’s more than just writing and authors and even nonfiction authors.

There’s a term I quite like called:

Transformational Nonfiction

I write books that, I hope, transform people’s lives. Whether it’s a tiny daily habit or a closer relationship with someone or coming out of a creative closet and blossoming into their true selves, it’s all Repossible, it’s transformative, and it’s more than just nonfiction.

Being the branding and creative guy that I am, I see it more than just books and courses and speaking–although that’s the core of it.

But it’s about personalities, branding, marketing, people, co-creating, working together, learning, teaching, and relationships.

There’s so much more to it than “just writing books.” Don’t get me wrong, at my core, I’m a writer. I can’t not write. I’ll never be able to not write–nor would I want to. Why would I stop the activity that gives me joy, clarity, meaning, and pays the mortgage?

Yet, how can I build my brand? How can I reach more people?

Brand New U.

Brand New You

I’m a rabid fan of playing with words and letters and I just can’t pass up an opportunity.

Brand & Brand

  • Brand: branding, marketing
  • Brand: brand-spanking new


  • New: fresh, transformed, changed,

You & U.

  • You: that person who you are–and that other one you’ve become
  • U.: We’re always learning, teaching, sharing, and in class

Brand New U.

I like it.

I’ll see if it sticks around in my mind.

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