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Brand New U.

Brand New U.
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  • Brand New U.

Toying with taglines.

I tend to use this site as my sandbox, a playground, my sketchbook for new ideas.

As Repossible is (finally) coming to life and I’m going to boost it with a shot of adrenaline in 2020, what it means is coming to light.

I just returned from 20Books® Vegas where I saw a need for some nonfiction-specific marketing and branding help.

Upon my return home and (1) away from “writers” and (2) back to “creators” and (3) entrepreneurs but then also (4) transformers, I see it’s more than just writing and authors and even nonfiction authors.

There’s a term I quite like called:

Transformational Nonfiction

I write books that, I hope, transform people’s lives. Whether it’s a tiny daily habit or a closer relationship with someone or coming out of a creative closet and blossoming into their true selves, it’s all Repossible, it’s transformative, and it’s more than just nonfiction.

Being the branding and creative guy that I am, I see it more than just books and courses and speaking–although that’s the core of it.

But it’s about personalities, branding, marketing, people, co-creating, working together, learning, teaching, and relationships.

There’s so much more to it than “just writing books.” Don’t get me wrong, at my core, I’m a writer. I can’t not write. I’ll never be able to not write–nor would I want to. Why would I stop the activity that gives me joy, clarity, meaning, and pays the mortgage?

Yet, how can I build my brand? How can I reach more people?

Brand New U.

Brand New You

I’m a rabid fan of playing with words and letters and I just can’t pass up an opportunity.

Brand & Brand

  • Brand: branding, marketing
  • Brand: brand-spanking new


  • New: fresh, transformed, changed,

You & U.

  • You: that person who you are–and that other one you’ve become
  • U.: We’re always learning, teaching, sharing, and in class

Brand New U.

I like it.

I’ll see if it sticks around in my mind.

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  1. Bradley

    Just commenting on my own post ..

    It’s now April 15, 2020, and I’m commenting on this post because this tagline, this brand, this course idea, book possibility, came up again and arrived strong and clear.


    Could be something to it then.


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