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The Angel of Death (The Soul Summoner Book 3)

The Angel of Death (The Soul Summoner Book 3)

Jetlag, Kindle, one-click purchase, WiFi and I’m good.

Elicia Hyder has got me hooked.

In my opinion, it’s all that matters in a book: you want to read the next page. You want to find out what happens next.

You care about the characters.

She has a nice variety of chraracters and it’s not too far fetched as far as the supernatural–although in this third book it went a little further.

We have some angels fighting demons and our friends (the angels) are growing their powers and they’re able to do more and more.

There’s a bit of romance (between Sloan and Warren and Nathan–and yes it’s a bit messy) which is nice and it adds another layer to the story.

I first picked it up because of the element of the supernatural, but not to the point of dragons and warlocks. But it’s getting closer and closer to that. Maybe that’s Hyder’s game: get in those who aren’t as interested in the out there magical stuff and then add it in slowly.

Whatever her plan, it’s working.


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