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Becoming Magic: A Course in Manifesting an Exceptional Life (Book 1)

Becoming Magic: A Course in Manifesting an Exceptional Life (Book 1)

As an author and reader, it’s a delight to read a book and say, “This was written for me.”

With Genevieve Davis’s “Becoming Magic,” I have a multitude of quick things to say:

  1. This book was written for me,
  2. I wish I had written this book,
  3. Wait, I did write this book,
  4. I will write a book like this.

Genevieve just rolls alone and keeps it real. If you read the first few pages, she’ll invite you into her world or allow you to exit if her world is not yours.

The thing about the book is that I’d bet her world is the world of lots of people.

Having penned Every Single Day, I can see my own future “magic” book as something of a culmination of the Repossible series (Ask, Create, Decide, Spark, Meditate, Every Single Day). Something of an autobiography while still linking together the goodness of the previous books.

Genevieve is daring in that although she doesn’t denounce spirituality and gurus per se, she goes pretty far out on a limb to invite you to try it “her way” and by her way she means: your way.

I listened to it once on audio and it won’t be the last time. It’s as if she’s just telling you a magical story of your own life while you sit gazing at a sunset over a lake with your drink of choice in your hand.

Get her book–or don’t.

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