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It’s never too late to make the right decision

It’s never too late to make the right decision

But still today is the second best day to make that decision.

Age is just a number. My dear friend Tony is 104 and has more energy, creativity, imagination, and positive things to bring into the world than many people I know who are 041. Or even 014.

See? 104. 041. 014.

They’re just numbers. Usually, we’d take out that zero to make 041 or 014. But when you add it in the middle and make it 104 it turns into a different number.

But it’s still just a number.

It’s the holidays and I’m with family of around 14 and 41 years of age. There’s a lot of change going on. But if they shoot ahead to when they are 104-years old and then look back to the decisions they made when they were 14 and 41 it helps them see the clarity through the distance of time.

In other words, when you’re 14, it’s extremely difficult to imagine yourself at 41–no way 104. Even when you’re 41, 14 is a stretch to think back to way back when.

But when you’re 104, things must seem so simple, so clear, so easy.

I’m not 104, but I know a guy.

He seems to see things in simple terms and there’s a quiet beauty to it I admire, love, and long for.

When you have decisions to make at 14 or 41 or anywhere else along that timeline, think ahead to when you’re 104 and how it might look to see back in time and how the decision you’re facing today will affect your present and (short-term and long-term) future self.

Oh, almost forgot. If today is the second best day to make a decision, when is the first? In the past.



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