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Believe what you want to believe

Believe what you want to believe

Does it matter what others believe? Or what you used to believe?

I’ll make this quick.

In the photo above is a piece of a phone holder (sort of a selfie stick) I lost in December.

It was in the forest and when I realized I had lost it I had already walked a good 10 minutes. I did walk back at the time and looked for it, but it was getting dark and couldn’t find it.

It wasn’t that important.

But I did want to find it. Without that piece, the camera holder didn’t work.

The next morning, I scoured the steps I thought I probably took. No luck.

Yesterday, probably about a month later, I found it.

I thought about it occasionally over the past few weeks, but not too much. Certainly not during the holiday when we were even here anyway. But when we returned I thought it might be fun (and funny) to find.

But again, I didn’t try to hard. Or care too much.

Then I found it.

Let’s go over those steps again.

  1. I lost something.
  2. I searched for it.
  3. I gave up temporarily.
  4. I didn’t forget it.
  5. I thought about how it would be nice to find it again.
  6. I searched hard.
  7. I forgot about it.
  8. I didn’t completely forget about it.
  9. I found it.

I love math. Rational, logical, and beautiful. I’m also a creative writer. I like both structure and freedom.

I appreciate science yet am fascinated by magic.

How did I find my lost piece?

  1. Science
  2. Magic

I think it was a bit of both.

Believe what you want to believe.


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