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What are you scared of? Do that.

What are you scared of? Do that.

I’m scared to pull the trigger on a new project.

Which is exactly why I think I should do it.

How is this year going to be different than last? Or if last year was great, how is year going to be better? How about much better? How about so much better it’ll be hard to compare the two?

What will you do differently? Let’s ask an easier question: what will you do the same if you want to keep the status quo?

Let’s just say I’m ready to break out of my status quo.

Don’t get me wrong, the status quo for 2018 compared with the status quo for, say, even 2015, are worlds apart. I’m living the life I had only dreamed of in a country I had been longing for and even making more money than I did then while doing work I didn’t like and doing more of that work for less money.

So why change?

Because there is more. There is the next level.

Been there, done that.

But it’s more than that.

It’s because I can. Because I want to. Because it scares me.

Saying, “I’m an author.” is no longer a big deal to me. It’s my New Normal.

So what’s next?

Strap on your seatbelt, 2019 is revving up to be a rollercoaster of a ride.

What are you scared of? Do that.
What are you scared of? Do that. (I didn’t think I could get the boards together. I waited for someone else to do it. No one did. I buckled up and did it.)

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