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Everything Is Figureoutable

Everything Is Figureoutable

Except, maybe, how Marie Forleo rocketed her book to #1.

Just kidding. Even that is figureoutable.

I have to admit, the main reason I bought this book was as a “meta marketing lesson” to see how a famous, rockstar go-getter like Marie Forleo would launch a book.

I could barely keep up with her tactics and strategies.

She did stuff I didn’t even know you could do.

Yes, her book is great. At its core, it’s a book about mindset (“You can do it!”) and I’m all for those. I’m especially for those when it comes from such a high-profile star who can drip in a positive outlook on people who might need it most.

Awesome, possum.

But her launch strategy?

  1. Pre-launch bonuses.
  2. Time-limited, online, live, The Real Marie, video chat sessions.
  3. Special deals, links, incentives.

I can’t even list them all. I need to go back through my notes.

But she did it all, then some, then she really went over the top.

As someone who likes to think of himself as a marketer and author and a marketing author (NOTE: there aren’t too many of us!), I was blown away by the quality, the quantity, and feedback she delivered.

So although I’m not really reviewing the book here (if it’s up your alley, you should add it to your collection, for sure) but as a meta marketing method, she hit it out of the park and I’m in the parking lot picking up ticket stubs to see if I can piece together a bit of how she did it all.

Kudos to Marie and her team.

Now I just need to figureoutable her book launch strategy.

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