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Decisions: The School Uniform and Releasing Trapped Energy

Decisions: The School Uniform and Releasing Trapped Energy
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It’s a good thing.

Unless you’re a kid and go to a school where they require you to wear the same exact uniform to school every single day then you have a decision or several decisions to make on a morning-by-morning basis.

Those kids, however much they dislike the white polo shirt and cacky pants for the boys and a pleated long skirt for the girls, have one pretty big decision less to make every morning.

They don’t even think about it anymore.

In fact, that’s the point. It’s now ingrained in them to not make a decision because that decision was made for them and will be made for them as long as they’re at that school.

Each morning there is free space in their brains for different, better, hopefully bigger decisions. That free space will make those other decisions easier. Let’s get some a numbered list involved just for kicks.

  1. School uniform: don’t have to make that decision.
  2. ____________: (other decision) have brain power “left over” to make other decisions.
  3. Power: their day starts off faster, smarter, easier.

1 + 2 < 3

One plus two is less than three.

Did you catch that little bonus in there? Because no energy was expended on #1 and there’s left over energy for #2, there is even more energy left for the post-#2 decisions of the day.

#1 is done
#2 is easier
Anything beyond #2 (e.g. #3, #4, #5, etc.) is better, easier, and double bonus brownie points: even stronger each day.

As we make decisions, even the smallest of them or in fact as we don’t have to make decisions (e.g. the school uniform), our brain gets better at it. It also realizes very soon it doesn’t have to make the #1 decision and can more quickly get to #2.

TIP: What could we do for the #2 decision of the day to make that a non-decision as well (if applicable).

Fashion note: this is not to say that wearing the same thing for the rest of your life is a good idea. In fact, as we’ll dig into later, there are some decisions on a regular basis that are fun–or can turn into fun as we get better at making decisions in general.

Decisions: The School Uniform and Releasing Trapped Energy

Decisions: The School Uniform and Releasing Trapped Energy [Photo by 浮萍 闪电 on Unsplash]

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