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Decisions Beget Decisions

Decisions Beget Decisions
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She did that so we did this which led to them making that happen.

My mom moved. After 49 years in the same house. I went out there and spent two weeks, 8-10 hours per day, sifting through 49 years of stuff.

beget: to cause; produce as an effect

We’re renovating our house here in The Netherlands. We have to move out for 10 weeks. We’re in a little “vacation house” in this “vacation park” in the woods where City Folk come to get away from it all. It’s cute, it’s quiet, it’s small. From the moving truck that went to my wife’s mom’s cellar, we took only suitcases and a few things. Even too many small few things.

Last week the papers were signed and we sold an investment property we had in California. A few years ago, it would have been a huge deal, a monumental decision, but we now just did it.

Decisions Beget Decisions

My mom decided to move. We decided to renovate. We decided to sell our house.

They influence each other. Each one made the next one easier. Note that they weren’t even our own decisions, we were influenced, intrigued, and inspired by the decisions of others.

My sister now said that she …

See how it works?

Just as we are influenced by actions, behaviors, thoughts, moods or others (and ourselves), we are influenced by the decisions and the decision-making power of others.

We can get better at making decisions. We will learn that not making a decision is actually a decision. That stalling, whining, prcrastinating is really just costing us time, energy, and probably money.

Start with small ones. Work up to bigger ones. Talk to people who made the big ones. As them about them. How did it make them feel? What were the pros and cons? How could you learn from their decisions to make your own? How can we learn from our own decisions–and lack thereof–to make better ones from here on out?

It’s like a muscle and we can work it, use it, train it, and get smarter about it.

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  1. Yvonne

    Change. So terrifying but so rewarding.


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