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All I really want is a story.

That’s what I got.


Pretty much the only requirement for a book is this:

If I don’t have it in my hands, do I miss it?

Do I care about what’s going to happen? Do I now know? Am I curious? Do I care about the characters?

Yep, got all that.

But this took it a step further because it twisted what we usually think of how the world works.

Where do we come from? Where are we going?

The billionaire futurist was going to explain how his findings would change our thinking on how we, well, think. But then he was assassinated. Yep, there was that.

That’s all I need: a compelling reason to turn the page. In this case, I wanted to see where we came from and where we’re going as the human race. I mean, that’s more important than which cereal I’ll have tomorrow.


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