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Every Single Week

Every Single Week
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That daily thing a little much for you? What about skipping 6 days in between?

What do we do daily? What do we do weekly? Monthly? Annually?

Why do many email newsletters come out once a week and other once a month? Still others every single day?

“Finally author Bradley Charbonneau comes to his senses and realizes that Every Single Day is just too much! Every Single Week is much more like it. THIS I can handle!” — Someone Maybe Overheard

Let’s see, today is Sunday, June 10, 2018, and I’m on day 2,082 of Writing Every Single Day. How many weeks is that? Months? Years? Bit ‘o math:

  • 297 weeks
  • 68 months
  • 5 years

Daily, I’ve created 2,082 posts. Had I started a weekly podcast, yep, 297 episodes. Even a podcast episode every month and I’d be at the respectable count of 68. 5 years could easily, very easily, be 5 books.

“Every Single Sunday I … “

When I ask readers of Every Single Day what they want most from me next it’s most commonly: another book. Great, but what other book? What’s the next logical step if I were to continue the Every Single Day philosophy?

Introducing Every Single Week

In 2017, I did a quiet experiment where I recorded something (anything, really) and published it. I called it Thursday Thunder and I enjoyed it. I published it, you guessed it: every Thursday. How did I know when to publish? It was Thursday. It comes after Wednesday and never before Friday.

It allowed me to do these things compared to ESD:

  1. Prepare
  2. Project Manage
  3. Procrastinate
  4. Perform
  5. Party

I know, I’m still into the letter P.

#5 sounds silly, but achieving a weekly task was hard(er) for me at first. I’ve got the daily thing down (obviously), but weekly? It was an entirely different animal.

I’m working on what the differences are with daily, weekly, monthly, and annually and planning on creating follow-up books to Every Single Day that will help those who have built up a daily habit to increase the power of the daily into weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and achievements.

It already sounds good to me and it’s the beginning of the week. Wait, does Sunday count?

Every Single Week

Every Single Week

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