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The oddball reason I want my audiobooks on Storytel

The oddball reason I want my audiobooks on Storytel

I don’t know really even know what Storytel is. But I want my books there.

I could probably put together some numbers and market share and do a little research on the Storytel company and make a case for why I want my books on there.

But I have a much dorkier reason.

And aren’t those usually the best ones?

It’s because my mother-in-law heard of it on a TV ad. She reads quite a bit (all in Dutch) and I’ve been pointing out to her the benefits of an e-reader (larger fonts, lots of books in one device, backlit screen, etc.) and I think I’ve made progress.

The other day, I had her listen to a bit of one of my audiobooks and she liked it. We then poked around the Dutch market and pretty much just came up with Storytel.

I’m not even going to look into Storytel, but the only thing I know is that Author Republic distributes to them but Findaway Voices does not (hopefully they will in the future).

That’s it. So Oma can access it.

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