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Let’s get a thing done.


Even a really easy thing.

A thing that only takes 10 minutes.

But let’s start, let’s do it, let’s finish.

I’m a happy customer of Teachable online learning software. They had an announcement the other day to help everyone get through Corona offering a bunch of free courses. There was some excellent stuff in there! I signed up for several of them.

Yep, signed up for courses!

Yep, I “started” something!

But will I follow through?

Will I get even to 25% completion on all of them? Any of them?

Will I complete any of them?

I have the solution.

Introducing the brand-new course: Finish!

It’s free, it’ll take you less than 10 minutes and you even get–if you finish–a certificate of completion!

After you’re done, you’ll have:

  1. Built up your confidence because you completed something,
  2. Have learned, well, something in the course,
  3. Gained momentum to tackle a course that’s a little longer and a bit more, ahem, substantial,
  4. A poster of completion you can frame and hang in your dining room,
  5. A story to share of how you finished something and how all of your friends and colleagues can, too!

I know, I know, so many benefits!

Sign up to be one of the first to join!

Seats aren’t limited!

It doesn’t cost anything–and never will!

You’ll be done in under 10 minutes!

Pull your bleary-eyed student-self away from the screen to go and Get It Done! Accomplish something today! Mark a course as complete (finally!).

It’s now or never!

OK, fine, it’s now or next Thursday, but now is better.

Here’s the direct link: Finish!

P.S. I’m filing this under “Health” and “Joy” as well as “Productivity.” Just saying.

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