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Take it up a notch

Take it up a notch

Which way to go, to lead, to rise up?

Here in “Every Single Day” land, I create on a daily basis. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s as simple as brushing my teeth now.

But what to do with that content? Where am I heading with it?

In this morning’s meditation, the message was to “take it up a notch.”

  • Sure, I know how to design WordPress websites.
  • Yep, I can walk you through writing your nonfiction book.
  • I can even dabble in some marketing strategies.

But what came through this morning was “Brand New U.

Brand New U.

As is (unwritten…) policy over here at Repossible HQ, we throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks.

But what I’m really after is what’s still there after a certain amount of time? That post (Brand New U.) was on November of last year, now almost a half year later. Now it returns.

For me, that’s a sign that it’s worth at least looking into further, deeper, dare I say, higher.

The words together are powerful yet even separate they’re pretty great:

  • Brand: sure, we think of companies and products but what about YOU as a person? What’s your brand? What if we thought of ourselves as a brand? Even just for this exercise? What if then we could more easily change it, transform it, do a full “brand upheaval” or “rebranding” but then of yourself? I’d bet we’d have a tougher time if we called it your “personality” or “persona” or “DNA” or, yikes, “soul.”
  • New: it doesn’t need to be from scratch, but even “New and Improved!” Again, if companies can do this with products, why can’t we do it with ourselves?
  • U.: This is the dagger: both U. for university and U for YOU. Oh, so good! It’s all about you but it’s also about learning, even a group of people learning together (a school, a university).

Pretty good, right?

It’s April 14 and this is where I am.

I can see it clearly as a course, as a part, a service, a product of Repossible. Even something of a “test” to see if you can see yourself as a brand–and then maybe it’d be easier to change it.

We could bring in people who are experienced in branding and then turn it on ourselves.

Fun, right?

Take It Up a Notch
Take It Up a Notch

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