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You Should Create a Signature Course

You Should Create a Signature Course

Or another type of course.

Depending on how you scored.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone “tell you what you’re supposed to do”? What if you could take a quiz (like, you know, this one by Amy Porterfield) and it will set you down the path of productivity and success.

Or at least set you down the path.

Or at least point you in the direction.

But the action?

That’s up to you.

But she’s going to:

  1. Get you to take action (take the quiz),
  2. Make you think about what you want to do (and how you want to do it and who for),
  3. Ask you questions,
  4. Wait for answers,
  5. Compile, analyze, and …
  6. Tell you what to do.

Often, we think we know, but it’s nice when someone tells us.

“Amy Porterfield is just so good.”

— #fanboy

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