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How can there possibly be more? Then there’s more.

How can there possibly be more? Then there’s more.

Maybe this is the theme of 2018: There’s more.

I’m pretty sure Charlie Holiday is the one who said it first: there’s more.

He knows it, I know it, you know it.

If you don’t admit it out loud, that’s OK. I get it. I’ve been there. I don’t know if I can convince you here with just a few lines of words, but let me just put it this way: there is more.

You might think you have it all, you’ve done all there is to do, to accomplish, to live, to love, to laugh. Then there’s more.

Or maybe you’re experiencing lack. You maybe think you’ve done it all or not done enough. You haven’t done what you wanted to do so you think it’s all dried up, gone, no longer achievable. Then there’s more.

How can there possibly be more? Then there's more.

How can there possibly be more? Then there’s more.

Possibly it’s over the top. So much that it’s almost too much. It just keeps coming, keeps getting better. Hard to believe, but you believe. You just know. Somehow, it’s all happening and keeps happening.

There is no destination.

You’re already there. The “more” is everywhere. If you can’t see it you just need to rub your eyes, adjust your hearing, finely calibrate the vibration of your heart. But it’s there. More is here. It’s all around us. It surrounds us, envelops us, smothers us like a warm blanket on a snowy day.

If you’re doubting, just stop.

I don’t know how otherwise to tell you, to let you in on the big hush-hush secret. But there’s more.

We’re holding onto a single drop when we’re floating in an ocean of it.

How can I see this? How do I know this? I don’t know. I truly don’t. Otherwise, I would tell you. I would. Why? Because there is just so much. I couldn’t possibly use it all up.

Oh wait, the best part? The more I realize there is, the more it creates. The more I believe in the more, the more that keeps coming.

Bear with me. If you’re not following, know that there is nothing to follow. I hope that my words this morning only put you at ease. Maybe that’s part of is: an ease with with we go about our day. An ease of knowing, of feeling, of being that is more. The more is you, it’s me, it’s us.

I’m in Lake Tahoe. One of my favorite places in the world. I’m writing. I’m doing not just what I want to do with my life, I’m living a life I only dreamed of just a few short years ago. There’s blue sky outside. Squirrels chasing each other around the same tree they always chase each other around.

There’s an air that is so pure it must be put through some sort of filter before it arrives here. I’m living a dream I truly didn’t believe in just a few short years back. I’m here in one of my favorite places. There are family and friends in the kitchen awake and chattering.

Could life be more grand?

Yes. It can be and it will be. I appreciate, cherish, and savor this moment as I will do for the many, many more moments to come. I didn’t know life could be such a glorious breeze of lighted sparkle, but it is.

It’s my birthday and I couldn’t have imagined a more appropriate gift: more.

There’s just more around the next bend, over the next hill, in the next sunrise.

Oh, wait. There’s more right here, too. It’s all around us and it’s always there. Always there. Always here. In abundance. So much that it’s hard to comprehend. But you don’t need to comprehend it. You just need to enjoy it.

So that’s what I’m going to do: enjoy it, share it, and live it.

Oh wait, that’s what I’m already doing.

Happy Birthday.

How can there possibly be more? Then there's more.

You think it’s all gone, all over? Then there’s more. [Indian Heaven, San Francisco]

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