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Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm.

Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week of our California trip. A sunset over a lake and all is well with the world.

Enough mail to fill a supermarket shopping bag. So many blasts from the past it might as well be fireworks. Jungle takeover of our former garden. How do we get these paintings to our new house? Will I be able to see that old friend on that morning between the meeting and the dinner? Friends, family, and all those in between.

It’s been mayhem–but good mayhem.

But it’s all rolling. It’s all going. We’re rolling with it.

Then we came over a pass and saw the sunset over Lake Tahoe.

Someone was kayaking through the ripples of light. It would have made a terrific movie background for this page. But we were driving. We were passing through, observing, enjoying, I didn’t need to make a video of it, I can still see it.

The trees are tall and majestic. They’ve seen it all–been there, done that. The sun will come up again tomorrow. It’s not concerned in the slightest about falling over the horizon. It knows with the utmost certainty that tomorrow will be another day.

Another day of wonder, of creation, of imagination.

The entire week of activities falls into this maelstrom of shimmering water like drips into a sponge. Nothing non-natural can compete with the natural. We don’t need to create more than there is out there already. We can just experience it, try to appreciate it, take it in, soak it up, open our eyes and ears, our hearts, let it seep into our pores and take us over.

After a week of nonstop, this was stop.

I know of nothing more complex, more intricate and yet so simple and easy as natural wonders. Simple stuff: the sun, the water, a tree.

Maybe it was too much city life this past week. I roll, slide, and fall gracefully and happily down the slippery slide into the warm heart of nature.

I’m home.

Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm.

Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm. [Cruising the east coast of Lake Tahoe]


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