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Kindle in Motion

Kindle in Motion

Wait. Did that just happen? Is that really happening?

Granted, I was on my second beer and we had been working on our book for the previous five hours straight. I was showing Lorena covers I liked when …

I almost fell out of my chair.

I know about Amazon, Kindle, Kindle Direct Publishing and how to format a MOBI file. I have now written and published 10 books.

I know how to make an animated book cover, but I was fairly certain that animated cover wouldn’t show up on the Amazon product/book page. Until now.

It turns out, this has been around since 2016. But it’s not easy to do and I’m pretty sure the average mortal doesn’t even have a checkbox to make it an option.

Seems to be an internal thing. Only the Big Boys together with Amazon can actually make it happen.

But if someone almost falls out of his chair? That sounds like it’s worth making it more available to authors.


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