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“Lose the Weight” or “Lose the Wait”?

“Lose the Weight” or “Lose the Wait”?

That photo? That’s not me.

That’s Erin.
If my body were that fit, I might post a photo.

I like to think that my MIND is that fit.

Erin interviewed 27 people who are “fit” in some extreme sense of the word and she’s sharing their power lifts of wisdom and insights in a free interview series that starts tomorrow (Feb. 18).

I was lucky enough to be one of those 27 and Erin forces me into strenuous exercises where I then say stuff like:

  • “I want you to stab yourself in the eyeball for 30 days.”
  • “I think ‘comfortable’ is a dangerous place.”
  • “I do 814 pushups every day balanced on a tree branch while dictating my next book into my phone.”

OK, fine, maybe not the last one. #workingonit

I’m just one of the 27 speakers she has in her series and I’m looking forward to the other 26.

Want to join me and see what they have to say about Losing the Weight and Losing the Wait?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s about time to Lose the Wait to Lose the Weight.

It’s February, right? Isn’t that time for the real New Year’s resolutions to kick in?

Sign up, sit back, and let’s get in shape together this month–whether it’s physical or psychological.

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