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We have grown to believe in our limitations

We have grown to believe in our limitations

Or have we?

Birthday jog in the woods with Pepper. Bright blue sky, then a quick rain shower, listening to a bit of Wayne Dyer.

He said:

We have grown to believe our limitations.

— Wayne Dyer

Or something like that. Basically, we’re born with creativity and no limits but we “grow” (or is it regress?) to a point where we doubt, we hesitate, we over analyze.

What if…

We believe in the growth of our limitations?

Or did that come out right?

The growth of our lack of limitation.

We believe in our grown.

We grow into ourselves, who believe less and less of our limitations.

Why don’t we just skip them?

Can we keep the naïve confidence and limit-less of our youth? Within reason? Or outside of reason?

I doubt (OK, I know) that my words here are nowhere as clear as the words of Wayne Dyer in my run in the forest. It hit me then. Maybe it will hit you if somehow in some way the idea comes through to you.

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