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Here’s a downside of a career change I didn’t expect.

Here’s a downside of a career change I didn’t expect.

I never thought I’d miss this part of my old career.

Well, I can’t say I miss it. I can’t say I like it. I especially didn’t like it then.

It’s just that it’s just so … easy.

I had a marketing agency for a decade. I had hundreds of (usually … ) happy clients, co-workers, and a history and reputation to be proud of.

Then I chucked it all of the window.

I especially like the verb “to chuck” here because it’s just so careless, carefree, and wild. Yep, that’s me.

An old client of mine emailed to ask where their email was hosted. I didn’t know. Who knows that sort of thing? I sure don’t. Apparently, they didn’t either.

But here’s the rub: I know how to find out in a flash.

Just put the domain into the field on this site and you’ll get something like this:

I bet you don't go to this site very often.

I bet you don’t go to this site very often.

So exciting, I know.

But this is a perfect example of why you have a job (or a company): you’re good at something that someone else thinks is difficult.

It’s great if you like what you do (or don’t hate it). Or don’t have something you’d rather do.

But I knew I wanted to do something else.

So I gave up what was easy (and earned me money helping people with stuff they thought was hard) and I started over with something I didn’t know all that much about but was willing to learn.

Now that I’ve been an author for about two years, I’m finally learning the ropes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret for a minute (not for a millisecond … ) my decision. But it’s the price to pay to go from something that you know how to do and comes easy to you to something new.

It’s exciting. It’s new. You’re not (yet) so great at it. But you’re willing to try.

But, almost by definition, you don’t know the ins and outs of it like you do something you did for ten years.


P.S. If you don’t know where your email is hosted, don’t email me. I don’t know and don’t want to know. If you don’t know and you’d like to know, go here.

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