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Publish | Transcription

Publish | Transcription
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I used to type. Now I record into my phone.

Sitting at the computer screen too much?

Fingers burning up the keyboard?

Hey, I’m a writer. I know the deal.

Here you go.

From that short bit of recording during the video, here’s how the output works.

Then there’s the output.

NOTE: transcription doesn’t automatically make you Stephen King…

Chapter 4

Charlie Holiday listens to the birds while his dog is at work.

He knew that he could pause his thinking in the transcription service wouldn’t the affected. There could even be long pauses where you might think that he didn’t know what he was going to say. And he can actually go back and edit things like that past lines.

“Hark!” he explained that as the stranger approached.

“Who goes there?” said the man in the hooded lumberjack overcoat.

Charlie holiday took one look at the man and had only one sauce.

The angel of death.

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