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Youx. It’s the plural of you.

“X” marks the spot. X is where the two lines cross. “Eau” can be the singular form of a (French) word. “Eaux” can be the plural.

From Wikipedia:

-eaux is the standard French language plural form of nouns ending in -eau, e.g. eaueaux, châteauchâteaux, gateaugateaux. Wikipedia

“Awesome. Thanks, language geek. What’s your point?”

You is the singular. Just you. Sure, you could add up “me, myself, and I” and possibly form a possé of three, but hold on. Let’s call “you” just you in the singular.

Then “youx,” is not a real word as far as I know although it’s close to eyes which in French is “yeux.” But I needed the plural of the English of you singular. Thus: youx.

I have to hurry this up as this all came to me during my meditation this morning and it’s fading as the day begins, kids wake up, and Pepper is eyeing me to go walk in the woods. But that’s OK because the concept is simple.

Last October, I published “Every Single Day.” It’s very much a “workbook” or guideline or road map for how you can improve your life in a big way using only small daily habits. Cool. Awesome. Fantastic.

But there’s a chapter in there called “Better Together.” There’s also a chapter on meditation. I only touch on Better Together but in a nutshell it says:

you + someone else > the sum of the two parts

Did you catch that? 1 + 1 > 2

Working together is better together. Working separately apart is not the same thing. It’s a commonality, a cooperation, a coming together of the _________ (something: minds? hearts? dreams? ideas? dunno).

It’s two of you. It’s more than you alone. It’s more than the other person alone. It’s even more, and I realize I’m breaking what we think of basic math rules here, than the two of you together.

It came to me in connection with Charlie Holiday. He needs help getting out into the world. He knows he can’t do it alone. He’s looking for a partner. This is is.

But the best part?

1 + 1 > 2 is just the beginning. Next we get into exponents.


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