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Youx Cubed

Youx Cubed

You thought “youx” was powerful. Introducing Youx3.

We recently learned about the power of Youx. That’s addition (1 + 1) although it’s actually greater than just two. Maybe it’s multiplication. But now we’re going to the big leagues. This is exponential.

This is beyond linear growth. Linear growth is a straight line rising (or falling) at a rate that’s consistent. Exponential growth (or decline) increases in rate as well. It’s not just that it gets stronger (or faster or greater or ______er) but that it does so at an increasingly larger rate.


So if Youx is you + you (someone else), Youx3 is Youx x Youx x Youx or 8 of you. But of course not 8 x you is 8 you. It’s you plus 7 others. Here’s my visual:

There’s a cube with eight points on it. It’s floating in space like a diamond with a distinct top point (the leader?) and a bottom point (the follower). The other six are also connected to other, separate cubes. Yeah. So there’s that.

The “leader” (for lack of a better term at the moment) point can also rise up to a “higher” cube while the lower you might want to (or need to) go down to a lower cube. The other 6 points might go laterally to other cubes, but this is usually their main cube.

For those unfamiliar with my work, most of my creativity comes in the morning during or directly after meditation. This all came to me this morning while I was working on someone else. Did you catch that? I wasn’t working on myself, I wasn’t trying to create something for me or find a new world for Charlie Holiday. I was directly focusing on raising up someone else. In the process, I was raised up (and beyond) myself. See how that works. It’s related to Youx3, I promise.

It’s no longer that early in the morning. Kids are waking up. I gotta go. Here’s what I “saw” this morning.

Eight people are somehow connected to each other. They have met at some point in their lives, but they may or may not be friends. They might have met just once, but they shared something, however small. Maybe a few words at the checkout line at the supermarket.

Or they have experienced more powerful events together. They got in a car wreck together. They sat next to each other for 11 hours on a plane and talked. They’re childhood friends. They’re aunts and uncles. It doesn’t matter. Just that there was something at some point.

Speaking of “something at some point,” that’s what going on now. These 8 people are “connected” in some way. In what way wasn’t clear to me.

As far as Youx, they are in pairs. Two of them have an even stronger connection. 4 pairs of 2. But as a whole, the entire group of 8 is when things get interesting.

Together, when they focus at the same time on the same thing, they can go beyond what any of them, even an of the pairs, can achieve.

What can they achieve? I don’t know yet.

Dear reader, I apologize less and less for the paths I go down. I just go down them and try to not make excuses as to the why or how. “I’m just the messenger here.” Ever since “Every Single Day” I’ve had voices and messages and visions that are somehow related to how Charlie Holiday is going to come into the world.

This morning, it was one of the clearest I’ve had. He’s part of a Cube of Youx or Youx3. I have to at least explore this possibility of the direction he’s going. He’s so eager to come to life. He invades my life on a regular basis. He wants a regular seat at the table and he’s not going away until he gets it.

If having a fictional character take over at least part of an author’s life is one of the first signs of losing one’s mind, then I’m all in. Sign me up for the looney bin, I’m a voluntary patient, no straightjackets necessary here. This is more fun than I’ve had in years.

OK, people are waking up in my household. I have 3 fourteen-year-old boys and a 12-year old to feed. Ah, the extremes of the world I inhabit. From cubes of eight people remotely and not-so-remotely-at-all connected floating around in the galaxy of my imagination in full-color, IMAX 5D, to young teenagers who speak in one syllables and eat more than a pack of hyenas after a week of gazelles who were just too quick.

I laugh as I type this as life is a game and I’m in the middle of it and enjoying every move.

See you on the inside.


See Youx on the inside.


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