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The Secret of Kite Hill audiobook is (finally) live!

The Secret of Kite Hill audiobook is (finally) live!

The boys read their own chapters!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, “Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t give up.”? This is one of those moments.

Four years ago we published The Secret of Kite Hill and right after we got the print book up there we started work on the audiobook. But remember, this was 2014. I’m not sure MP3 existed back then. USB microphones had just been invented. We were pioneers.

The Secret of Kite Hill Audiobook

The Secret of Kite Hill Audiobook

I also knew nothing about -dB levels (or how to fix them), background noise (“Is that Pepper barking in the background?”), how to generate silence, or pretty much anything about properly getting an audiobook done.

But we tried.

Four years later, I know some of that stuff I didn’t know. See how that works? I didn’t used to know. Now I know. Cool, right?

It only took four years, but it’s ready for you right now at (and Four years in the making consists of a few weeks really trying 4 years ago and 4 years later fixing a few things to make it happen.

I fixed some decibel level, found a dream of an audiobook distribution and production company in Findaway Voices and we are now on Amazon, Audible, and a handful of other audiobook distributors (I’ll dig them up later).

I just want to celebrate this day as we worked so hard on it so many years ago (no, here’s proof: Li doing his best to keep the decibels down).

In related news, the German version has just been completed.

Are we having fun or what? I hope you enjoy the audiobook version of the first story in the Li & Lu series!


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