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Mind to Matter

Mind to Matter

Thoughts become things.

If you’re new to the concept of mind to matter, this book will be an eye-opening, heart-warming, and inspiring read (or listen). The aspirin.

If you’re well versed and a practitioner of mind to matter (or even mind over matter–which is not the same thing), this book can serve as a daily supplement and complement to your ongoing education. The vitamin.

Personally, I prefer the style of something like Joe Dispenza’s “You Are the Placebo” but I’m also a firm believer in I Don’t Care How You Grow as long as you grow and learn and progress.

Here’s how I’d recommend going about Dawson Church’s “Mind to Matter:”

  1. Get the audiobook version,
  2. Get a dog (or a pair of shoes or step out your front door),
  3. Go on a walk,
  4. Listen to 15 minutes (or a mile or a block or until your daughter is out of kindergarden),
  5. Do it daily until you finish the book.

There you go. Do I recommend the book? Yes, but I recommend lots of books. I like his examples. I like his science. Is it a page turner? No, well, not for me anymore because lots of it was stuff I “know already” but then again, it’s reinforcing what I (think I already) know.

It’s learning. It’s growing. It’s adding to my library of knowledge and it’s using other words and other stories to drive it deeper into me so my mind is stronger than my matter.

Dawson Church says that, “science is the new mysticism.” You don’t have to get scared of religion. New agey-whatever won’t freak you out. Spiritual-blah-blah doesn’t need apply. It’s plain miracles in reguilar English with normal people who are doing super-normal things.

So that’s working.

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