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Not too much different for us

Not too much different for us

Not much different going on here.

Or something like that. Not looking at the email right now but the meaning is clear enough. There’s not much different in that person’s life right now.

In an email, the person conveyed that there was “Not too much different for us.” at the time. That’s where this comes from.

Maybe it’s just me. It’s probably just me. I like change. I like progress. I like different things in my life right now.

I want to create. I want to make. I want to stir things up, I want to rock the boat.

Sure, I love as much as the next person veg out in front of Netflix soon.

I should make it clear that I don’t hold anything against those for whom nothing different is going on. It’s just not who I want to be. I want to be someone for which things are going on.

I’m fairly certain that you have things “going on” in your life, it helps a tremendous deal to create. If you’re not being invited to the parties, maybe it’s time to host a party maybe people see stability or the lack of anything different going on as a good thing. Maybe stability, calm, peace, and consistency and no change is what they’re striving for.

Although, to be frank, I don’t think you have to strive very much to not have anything go on in your life. It’s even sort of an anti-strive that, at least for me, would take more energy than to strive. I suppose it’s just a matter of saying no and not taking the initiative. But I like taking the initiative I think it’s fun.

Something different is going on here. You’re even more than welcome to join in on my going on here. I’m probably happy to join in on whatever you have going on.

What I’m not so interested in is nothing going on is the avoidance of goings-on and maybe I see it as complacency

Here’s my audio from the morning.

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