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2019, are you ready for us?

2019, are you ready for us?

Because we’re here, it’s time, and there’s no turning back.

I have a soft spot for open skies and starry nights. For deep blues of the nightly heavens and the warm glow of a campfire.

It’s only the first day of the year, but if I had to project what might be my Word of the Year, I’d have to say it would be:

Spark Campfire

OK, that’s two words.

A spark to set it in motion and the campfire to keep it going, keep us there, and warm and glowing.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

Starry, deep blue, and magical above. Glowing, warm, and together below.

We look up to dream, to act, to inspire.

We look side to side to discover, to listen, and to guide.

My dream is for Spark Campfire to lift us up to heights we didn’t dare touch.

As an example of 2019, this photo below I saw while searching on Unsplash and it resonated with me so clearly that it launched this post.

What small spark in 2019 might lead to a larger campfire for you? Just a few minutes together with my niece the other day and we have an idea or two for Spark Campfire.

What’s in store for your 2019?

Inspire [Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash]


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